How to Use Views in MySQL 8

Introduction In MySQL, views are virtual tables for running pre-defined queries. Thus, they’re suitable in database applications that require tight security. For instance, you can design an application that allows end-users to run complex queries using views without directly interacting

How to Install a Graphical Desktop for Ubuntu Server

Introduction When you deploy an Ubuntu server at Vultr, you’ll need to perform system administration using the command line. In addition, sometimes, you’ll want to install a Graphical User Environment (GUI) to use the cloud server as an Ubuntu desktop.

How To Connect To a VPN From Windows or OS X

Most desktops come bundled with a VPN client. If you run a VPN server, you can use this bundled client to connect to your VPN. In this guide, I’ll explain how to connect to a VPN server from a computer

How To Connect To An FTP Server With FileZilla

If you were given an FTP login, or have setup an FTP server, you need an FTP client to access it. FTP client programs are generally free, and can be installed on your computer. In this doc, you’ll learn how

Setup NoMachine NX On Ubuntu

NoMachine NX is a proprietary remote desktop program which offers more features compared to VNC. In this tutorial we will covering the process of installing and configuring NoMachine NX on Ubuntu. Note: NoMachine NX is free for both commercial and

Vultr Data Portability Guide

Introduction We provide many simple solutions for you to download your instance’s stored data, whether from a VPS, Bare Metal Server, or Block Storage volume. Most of the following tools are built into the OS you are currently using, as

Use NVDA Remote to Control your Windows VPS

Introduction Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is sometimes difficult to use with a screen reader in Windows. If you use NVDA, the free screen reader, then the NVDA Remote addon can be used on your main computer and the VPS of