Vue JS MultiSelect Dropdown Example

we will learn how to use multiselect dropdown box component in vue js. we can easily use vue multiselect dropdown in laravel application too. we will use vue-multiselect npm package for bootstrap vue multiple select dropdown like select tag in vue.js.

vue-multiselect package provide several options to multiselect box like :searchable, :multiple, :options, :close-on-select, :show-labels etc. vue-multiselect package amazing to use that layout is nice.

You can follow step by step commands to use multiple select dropdown box in vue js. so let’s follow:

Vue JS MultiSelect Dropdown Example

Step 1: Create Vue App

first we need to create vue cli app using bellow command:

vue create myapp

Step 2: Install vue-multiselect Package

Here we need to install vue-multiselect npm package that will allow to make http request.

npm install vue-multiselect

Step 3: Updated HelloWorld Component

Here, we will create HelloWorld.vue component with following code.




<h1>Vue JS MultiSelect Dropdown Example -</h1>









import Multiselect from 'vue-multiselect'

export default {

components: { Multiselect },

data () {

return {

selected: null,

options: ['Laravel', 'Laravel 5', 'Vue JS', '', '']





<style src="vue-multiselect/dist/vue-multiselect.min.css">

Now you can run vue app by using following command:

npm run serve

You can see officially docs from here:

I hope it can help you…

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